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Agricultural machinery parts Transmission Shaft

Product Description

Transmission Shaft

The Transmission Shaft of agricultural machinery, which is applied to the power transmission of modern agricultural machinery, is commonly used in the power transmission between the power output and input of agricultural machinery itself, so that agricultural machinery can achieve normal work.

At the same time, the Transmission Shaft has the characteristics of universal transmission, the input end and the output end can not be in the same plane according to different types, the structure of the agricultural machinery drive shaft can make the angle between the output end and the input end up to 0-80 °, in the process of work can be within the specified range of left and right expansion and contraction.

Agricultural machinery parts Transmission Shaft Details

Gear module 3 modules
Weight 2.2 kg
The shaft diameter is 20 mm hexagonal, the shaft hole is 20 mm hexagonal, the shaft length can be any length, and can be customized by the bosses
Agricultural machinery parts Transmission Shaft can withstand 500 pounds of weight 500 watts of power
This gearbox is directly welded without a fixed base. There is a hexagonal through hole in the middle, which can be used at will, regardless of single-out or double-out. The middle through hole shaft is directly fixed by the top wire.

Transmission Shaft


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