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Fast growth high yield spinach

Product Name: Dark Dragon 618 Spinach Weight (G): 250 Selling Price USD: $21.33 A new breed of hybrid spinach suitable for sowing in spring and autumn of north China and autumn and winter of south China.  Good heat resistance. Vigorous growth, fast growth rate, high yield. 

Product Description

Product Name           Dark Dragon 618 Spinach

Seed Type                 Seed

Plant Height               /

Additional Characteristics                Resistant to downy mildew physiological race1-16, Resistant to lichen

Row Spacing               /

Plant Spacing              /

Fruit Color                   Dark green

Breed                          Hybrid

Sun                             Partial,Full

Planting                       Spring/Autumn

Categories                   Spinach

Days To Maturity (# Days)                       /

Temperature                 15-30℃

Type                            Spinach


Main characters:

1. A new breed of hybrid spinach suitable for sowing in spring and autumn of north China and autumn and winter of south China. 

2.The leaves are dark green and beautiful, elliptical in shape, the petioles are green and not split, the plants are upright and beautiful in shape, the leaves are large and thick, the petioles are flexible and easy to tie. 

3. Good heat resistance

4.Vigorous growth, fast growth rate, high yield. 

5. Resistant to lichen, resistance to downy mildew 1-16 physiological race.


Main cultivation measures

The suitable temperature for germination is 15-20 ℃, the germination rate is low when it is lower than 14 ℃ or higher than 30 ℃, the suitable temperature for growth is 20-30 ℃, and the short-term high temperature resistance is 35 ℃. In early spring, it is appropriate to cultivate in the shed with heat preservation and fertile sandy alkali soil. All localities determine the sowing date according to the climate and variety characteristics. Pay attention to the spraying concentration of pesticides to avoid damaging the marketability of leaves. Please test the cultivation in long sunshine area and determine the sowing time to avoid the problem of tomb pumping.



Spring and autumn hybrid spinach varieties. It has good stability and high yield, but it is greatly affected by soil and climate conditions and individual cultivation and management level.


Suitable planting area and planting season

 Planting area

Safe sowing time

Autumn, Spring Overwintering (Protected area)

Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin

Shanxi, Yunnan, Guizhou 

Spring: 2.20 - 5.1

Autumn: 8.15 - 10.5


Spring: 2.10 - 4.10

Autumn: 9.1 - 10.20

Shanxi, Inner Mongolia,Gansu

Spring: 3.30 - 5.1

Autumn: 8.15 - 10.5

Liaoning, Heilongjiang,              Jilin, Xinjiang

Spring: 4.15 - 5.20

Autumn: 8.5 - 9.20

Guangdong, Southern Area of Guangxi

Spring: 1.10 - 4.30

Autumn: 9.10 - 12.30

Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai,Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Northern Area of Guangxi

Spring: 1.15 - 3.20

Autumn: 9.10 - 10.30


Quality index



Germination Ratio

Water Content





Net Weight


Country of Origin





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