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Silicon Carbide Beam, Silicon Carbide Products

The silicon carbide beam has the characteristics of bending resistance in high temperatures, thermal shock resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. They are widely used in structural ceramics, sanitary, electric porcelain industry, alumina roller, as well as other high-temperature fields.

Product Description

Introducing silicon carbide beams

Silicon carbide beams are widely used as supports for kiln structures and as part of kiln furniture structures. silicon carbide material has excellent strength and creeps resistance, allowing the beam to span larger distances in your kiln car structure. Cross-sections from 20 x 20 mm to 100 x 100 mm are possible, allowing the beam to be matched to individual conditions. silicon carbide beams are typically unaffected by common kiln atmospheres and typically last for several years.

The silicon carbide beam has excellent high-temperature flexural strength, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance and long-term use without deformation, which can significantly reduce energy consumption without increasing the weight of the kiln car.



Silicon carbide beams can be manufactured in various cross-sections, wall thicknesses and lengths (up to 4 m) by grouting or extrusion processes.

The fired silicon carbide beams can be used "as is" or the beams can be finished to meet the customer's required tolerances.

Applications for silicon carbide beams include high-temperature processes and structural supports in metrology equipment.


Properties of silicon carbide beam

High-temperature resistance. The natural temperature strength can be maintained at high temperatures, even if it is slightly higher. Bending strength 80~100MPa at 20℃, 90~110MPa at 1400℃. that is experimental test data, so this material is more suitable for high-temperature bearing parts.

Corrosion resistance, in acidic media, even in high-temperature acidic environments, such as boiling HCl, H2SO4, HNO3, liquid KClO3, and KNO3, both can withstand and not react.

Good thermal conductivity. silicon carbide material is better than alumina, oxide bonded silicon carbide, magnesium peridot porcelain, mullite, etc. Therefore, for silicon carbide beams, good thermal conductivity can reduce thermal shock and improve thermal shock resistance.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion, an average of 4.8 × 10-6 / ℃, lower than alumina porcelain, electric porcelain, magnesium porcelain, etc.

Good resistance to oxidation and stronger oxidation resistance. When the component beam works at high temperatures, the surface silicon carbide is oxidized to form SiO2 film. This film delays and reduces the oxidation rate compared to other non-oxide ceramics. But in reality, the silicon carbide beam is still oxidized, and it is getting worse. So we should clearly understand that the oxidation resistance is only for relatively slow oxidation.


Technical Data Sheet for RSIC




99% min

Apparent Porosity

16% max

Bulk Density

2.7g/cm3 min

Bending Strength at High Temperature

100 Mpa min

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

K-1 4.7x10 -6

Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity(1400℃)

24 W/m.k

Max. Working Temperature




Silicon carbide beam has excellent high-temperature bending strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance; it is mainly used in sanitary ceramics, high voltage electric porcelain, filters, and quartz crucibles; it is widely used in the daily ceramics industry for shed plates and fish-shaped plates; protection tubes are used in various industries for temperature measurement; shaped products and burner sleeves are widely used in various kilns and mechanical engineering. At the same time, silicon carbide beam is also suitable for the load-bearing structure frame of tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, double roller kilns and other industrial kilns.


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