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Damp Proof Hotel 5mm Rigid Core SPC Vinyl Flooring

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Damp Proof​ Hotel 5mm Rigid Core SPC Vinyl Flooring

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Product Advantage
1) Waterproof and Dampproof
As the main component of SPC is stone powder, so it performs well with water, and mildew will not happen with high humidity.
2) Fire Retardant
According to the authorities, 95% of the victims were burned in the fire caused by the toxic fumes and gases. The fire rating of SPC flooring is NFPA CLASS B. Flame retardant, not spontaneous combustion, leave the flame automatic out in 5 seconds, won't produce toxic of harmful gases.
3) No Formaldehyde
SPC is high quality stone power & PVC resin, without harmful material such as benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metal.


SPC lock floor is mainly composed of a certain proportion of calcium powder and PVC stabilizer combination to form the composite floor material. Is the response to the national emission reduction and the invention of new material, hard SPC indoor floor. The SPC floor is made of calcium powder, plasticized extrusion sheet, four roller rolling hot pack color film decorative layer and wear resistant layer, it does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances, it is 100% formaldehyde free environmental protection floor, it is the real zero formaldehyde floor.


kindergarten, crescent center, office, home, hotel, youth apartment, shopping malls, nursing homes, shops, chain stores, libraries, factory ,school.


SPC flooring 6”*48.8”
Item No.FNSF006
Thickness of flooringMm5(T)*0.50(Wearing Layer)
Item SizeMm150 mm * 1220 mm
CTN PackingPcs/Ctn11
Pallet PackingM2/20Gp1932.48
CTN SizeMm

SPC PVC Stone Plastic Composite Vinyl Flooring

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