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Power Driven Rake

Improve soil permeability, enhance soil water storage capacity and water retention, benefit the root system, and improve cold tolerance, drought resistance and lodging resistance of crops.

Product Description

Key Benefits of Power Driven Rake:

     It mainly solves the characteristics of difficult soil preparation in compacted soil and difficulty in soil moisture conservation in soil preparation operations.

     Power Driven Rake can be used with the hydraulic turning to make the land evener.

     Power Driven Rake canDeep soil fragmentation breaks the plow bottom without damaging the soil structure.

     The crushed soil is uniform, the effect is good, and large lumps of soil are avoided. The rotary knife rotates horizontally to penetrate into hard soil.

     One machine with multiple functions and multiple functions: it is suitable for open or open air, especially in spring, and it is suitable for deep cultivation of economic crops such as ginger and burdock.

Power Driven Rake

     Choose the stubble to return to the field, stir the stubble, and the crushing effect is good.

     The flat soil plate and soil roller ensure the soil leveling and compaction effect, prevent water evaporation, create a good seed bed, and ensure the germination rate of seeds. It is equipped with a spring gear overload clutch to protect the tractor and the drive rake box from damage, and the quick tool change system of the cutter head is updated and upgraded, which is more convenient and quick to use.

     Drive the harrow to achieve soil breaking, deep loosening, and can break the bottom layer of the plow without destroying the structure of the plow layer, and the straw after deep plowing is not easy to turn up, which is beneficial to the straw returning to the field. It is conducive to the growth of crop root system and water retention. Water has the effect of drought resistance and waterlogging. In the Central Plains, the growth period of wheat can be saved by more than 30 millimeters. Compared with conventional sowing, it can save 3 kilograms of seeds per mu, and the output is more than 30 kilograms. The cost saving benefit per mu is 100 yuan. above.

     The power-driven harrow utilizes the power output shaft of the tractor, through the universal joint transmission shaft and the transmission system, to drive the working parts to carry out the machine tool for the soil preparation operation of the dry field. The main working part is a row of vertical shaft rotors, each equipped with two vertical rake teeth. When working, the rotor is driven by the power output shaft through the transmission system. While rotating, it moves forward and hits the soil block to loosen the cultivated soil. After crushing the soil, the soil depression is filled with leveling bars, and the soil is leveled for the first time, and then the pressure roller is used to compact the soil to preserve moisture, and finally the pressurized leveling plate is used for secondary leveling.

Gear box transmission mechanism
     Bearing selection: The gear box bearing gears on the market are placed in the mirror image of the upper and lower single row tapered roller bearings. Our lower end uses double-row tapered roller bearings, which have a 30% longer life than traditional tapered roller bearings; multi-axial impact resistance, high load capacity. The upper end uses a maintenance-free deep groove ball bearing with a cover to stabilize the bearing, because the oil in the box cannot be slid to the upper bearing gear, and the maintenance-free bearing with a cover is used for easy maintenance.
     Sealing structure: O-ring, box oil seal, and felt ring are used for multiple seals to effectively prevent water and soil from penetrating into the rotor and gear box.

The working principle of the front flat soil bar:
      Depth adjustment of the entire grading bar is made by twisting the end hex. The lower end of the triangular flat soil plate is used for initial leveling of the soil broken by the rake teeth.
The working principle of the post pressurized soil plate:
     When the leveling board is working, the spring presses against the ground to make the leveling effect better. When the flat earth slab encounters a large resistance such as stones, the spring rebounds under force to protect the overall structure.
     The 600mm section of the flat soil slab is fixed with countersunk head bolts, made of wear-resistant materials, and can be replaced after wear.

     When the tractor is working, the tires leave a deep wheel mark on the tire walking area due to the tractor's own weight. When driving the rake, facing the compacted soil, the torque of some rake teeth of the gearbox will be too large, causing the whole machine to shake and affecting the stability. If the soil is compacted, the depth of the rake teeth operation will be reduced accordingly, resulting in pits in the operation area, which will have a corresponding impact on the flatness of the land. Each tire is equipped with a scarifier, which can be adjusted on the beam according to the center distance of the tire, and the scarifier depth can be adjusted.


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