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Agricultural Machinery Anti-Winding Tube

It’s part of a corn seeder

Product Description

Agricultural Machinery Anti-Winding Tube

        The anti-winding pipe can effectively separate the wheat straw, and does not hit the soil during operation, which can reduce dust and reduce power consumption.

        The overall operation performance of the anti-winding pipe is good, and the use of supporting no-tillage seeders is of great significance to promoting the promotion of conservation tillage technology.

         Agricultural Machinery Anti-Winding Tube is characterized in that: the upper part of the suspension frame is fixedly provided with a gear box assembly for driving the rotation of the sawtooth disc device; the precision seeding device is arranged on the right side of the gear box assembly, and the precision seeding device passes through the transmission chain and the ground wheel. The ground wheel power wheel is connected, and the precision seeding device is driven to rotate through the ground wheel power wheel.
         This kind of particle precision seeding device with anti-winding no-tillage fertilization seeder greatly improves the implantation ability of micro-sized seeds, is conducive to the soil-breaking growth of seeds, and improves the precision control of no-tillage sowing of micro-sized seeds. At the same time, the cut straws and stubble are buried in the ridges, and after fermentation, organic fertilizers conducive to the growth of crops are formed.

Anti-Winding Tube


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