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Organic Horticulture Mix

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  • - Place of Origin Korea
  • - Supply Type In-Stock Items
  • - Condition New
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Description by Manufacturer

Organic Horticulture mix
Model : Well-being horticulture
  • All purpose in horticulture
  • Sowing and Seedling Bed, Nursery
  • You can grow peppers, cabbage, eggplant, tomato, melon...
  • All Natural Material with Organic Fertilizer
  • There is No Chemical Fertilizer, Synthetic Pesticide, No Ionic Wetting agent
  • Use Only Ingredients that Korea Government Certificated for Organic Farming
  • Recognized Organic Agricultural Material by the Government
  • Have a Patent for Organic Soil Mix
  • Safe and Grow Well.
  • Contain Low EC Coco-peat, High Quality European Peat-moss
  • Add Humic Acid, Yucca Extract, Charcoal Powder
  • A package is only 13kg(50L)
  • Lightweight, Easy to Handle
  • Coco-peat, Pearlite, Peat-moss, etc.
  • 50L
  • Lighter than Normal soil
  • Ideal for Water Retention and Drainage
  • Provide Balanced Nutrition to your Plants
  • Stable Quality Shorten Nursery Period
  • O3 Sterilization and Heat Disinfection Reduce Virus Infection and Disease
  • Growth be Equalized and Standardized
  • Optimizer Plants Own Features
  • Reduce Nitrogen Fertilizer, Increase High-Quality Compound Fertilizer
  • Use Selected Coco-peat, High Class Peat-moss
  • Add Humic acid, Charcoal, Yucca extract
  • Necessary Item in Smart Farm and Greenhouse
  • High Germination rate and Excellent Root Formation will result in A Rich Harvest
  • Increase Your Income
Specification pH
(1:5. w/w)
Bulk density
1 package weight
Physics &
5.5~7.0 Less than 2.0 Under 0.3 12~13
A Package(50L) can fill
Tray size Pieces
32 cells 14~16
50 cells 12~14
72 cells 12~14
105 cells 13~15
128 cells 13~15
* The actual amount of mix depends on user

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