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Cheap 2.5 3.5 4.5inch Square Nursery Pots Wholesale Supplier

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Min Order Quantity:1000 Piece

Supply Ability:1000000/month

Delivery Lead Time:7



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  • - Model Number 2.5 3.5 4.5inch
  • - Place of Origin China
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Welcome to contact us for plastic nursery pots free samples! We will reply within 24 hours! We are a professional Plastic Gallon Pots, Plastic Injection Gallon Planters, Plastic Grow Pots and Carry Trays, Plastic Propagation Tray, Plastic Flat Trays, Plastic Decorative Containers, Plastic Nutrition Pots Manufacturer and supplier in China, having more than 19 years manufacturing experience, 35,000m2 workshop area, serving more than 3,000 customers across worldwide. Our Mission is to provide high quality, factory price products to you! We pride ourselves on providing a quick and efficient Production turnaround for our clients, no matter the size of the order. Wilson Garden Co.,Ltd, Name:Vincent Lee, Phone:0086-15838107808, Wechat:Wilson15838107808, Whatsapp:0086-15838107808.

The culture time after inoculation in a good seedling bottle is more than 4 months, the height is 3/4 of the height of the culture bottle, and the height is 7-8 cm. The number of roots is large from the bottom of the Bottle, and the root hair is white and slender. The golden lotus seedlings should be re-smelted before planting. The golden lotus seedlings should be removed from the culture room, and placed in a ventilated and ventilated greenhouse for 15 to 20 days at room Temperature to promote the lignification of the seedlings to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the planting environment. After the seedlings are planted, they can emerge.

It can be pre-arranged to be transported by vehicle to the designated litchi forest planting site one day in advance. Use the method of breaking the glass bottle to remove the wound to reduce the wound. Use the tail of the vehicle safety escape hammer tool To tap the bottom side of the glass bottle and drop the bottom glass. Then shake the glass bottle and carefully remove the seedling from the culture bottle at the bottom. Be careful not to force it. Strong pull, do lightly wash gently to avoid injury To the seedlings, resulting in subsequent planting disease infection.

After the golden lotus seedlings are taken out, they are manually placed under a certain pressure water spray head to clean the culture medium. When cleaning, the hands should be gentle, and try not to damage the seedlings. After washing the culture medium, the The seedlings of the tissue culture flasks are properly graded, and the seedlings of the cultured seedlings are eliminated from the ineffective seedlings. At the same time, the leaves are not unfolded, the unqualified broken seedlings, the yellowing, the mixed and the mutant seedlings should Be cleaned and removed. After the unqualified seedlings are discharged according to the two standards of bottle size.

Then take it up and wait for the water to cool and then move it to the planting area where seedlings are needed and distribute it to the workers for planting. Use the hidden space under the litchi forest to build a plastic film small arch shed, use The plastic basket cushion sorghum discharge seedling tray facility to plant the golden lotus, the lychee planting should pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, the general light intensity is 4000lx, direct sunlight can be used around The outer cover is covered with a sunshade net and the Inside of the lychee is kept ventilated.

The planting raft arrangement selects the horizontal plane of the lychee garden, and the length of the ridge is 30~50m. The plastic film is small and the shed is built. When the plastic slab is built, the end point of the two people is The straight straight, and the side of the straight line is inserted into the soil with the tip of the iron. After the 20cm lead hole, one end of the bamboo arch is inserted into the cavity, which is called the same operation. Is symmetrically separated by 1m, and the bamboo arch is fixed by straight line. The middle of the plastic basket can be placed in the middle of the concrete to leave a gap of 20cm.

After planting the alfalfa, 4mL plastic film is placed on the bamboo arch cover. The two sides of the film should not be fully unfolded. Only half of the bamboo arch is covered to cover the upper part of the curved arch, which is 1/ 3 of the bend. The bottom is not pulled down and closed, which is convenient for placing the seedling tray and pouring the root. Water spray operation, the two ends of the wooden fence, the pointed wooden sticks are nailed into the soil to Fix the small arch shed, and finally the two arches are attached to the film with a cloth rope tied to the ends of the bamboo arch. Real film.


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  • - Delivery Lead Time7
  • - Minimum Order 1000 Piece
  • - Supply Ability1000000/month
  • - Total quantity in StockOver 5000
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