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128 Cells Plant Pot Trays Plastic Plant Trays Wholesale Plant Seedling Trays Manufacturer

Product Description

Min Order Quantity:3 Carton

Supply Ability:10 Tons per months

Delivery Lead Time:15 days for 40HQ container



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  • - Place of Origin China
  • - Supply Type OEM Service
  • - Condition New
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Description by Manufacturer

Material: PET , PVC , PS

Thickness: 1.0mm

Cell Depth: 40mm

Carton: 200PCS

128 Holes Plant Pot Trays Introduction

Using seeding nursery trays of 128 holes can easily centralized management, saving time and effort, and it is easy and safe to use with long service life.

The 128 cells will ensure its practicability in the work of high performance. It can sprout multiple types of seeds one tray can sprout many cells at the same time.


Type: Plant Pot Trays

Material: PET/PVC/PS

Color: Black

Cell No.: 128 Cells

Size: 54284cm (length, height and width)

128 Cells Pot Trays For Plants Advantages

1. Start your dream garden: With these seed germination trays, you can finally start working towards your dream garden.
2. These nursery pots are of the right size and can contain flowers, herbs and vegetable saplings such as tomatoes and cucumbers.
3. These amazing seed starter trays are ideal for transplanting plants without causing root circulation or damage.
4. Ideal cell size to maintain ideal temperature and optimal root growth, plant development and seed germination.
5. Perfect for home DIY gardening practice or professional use. Promotes seed growth, easy seedling removal.
6. Made from premium plastic material, it is safe and durable to use. Lightweight plastic box ventilate well, guard against root rotting.

128 Cells Reusable Plant Drainage Trays For Plants Main Functions

Can easy to manage seedling and improve survival rate of plants by using this seedling nursery box
Each seed starter trays with 128 same size slots, which can give each seedling plant the room needed to flourish
Made of eco-friendly PVC material, high hardness, strong toughness, non-toxic, no odor and reusable
Unique flume design, allows moisture to reach the bottom for rapid absorption by the roots of the plant
The inner mesh tray provides excellent air permeability and promotes seed germination.
The drain hole at bottom of each cell for reducing roots over-saturating and conducive to rapid plant growth

128 Cells Seedling Micro-green Trays Usage

1. Place a piece of hard paper or plastic under the nursery basin, then fill the nursery pot with soft, nutritious soil (do not use hard soil) and squeeze the soil with your fingers to squeeze the soil and soak the soil.

2. Sprinkle seeds in each tray (one to two seeds, three to five seeds).

3. Sprinkle seeds on the thin nutrition soil, so that the seeds can not see the light on the line.

4. Spray water, spray water sooner or later each day afterwards, so that the soil to keep moist.

5. When the seedlings grow to three or four leaves, with your fingers gently toward the bottom of the nursery basin at the top of a hole, Miao Miao and even the root of the soil properly settled out, you can directly move to dig a good pits of the basin This transplant seedlings do not hurt the root, easy to survive.

128 Holes Seed Nursery Trays Specifications


Model No.


Cell No.



8 16

Top Cell Size (mm)


Cell Volume (cc)


Down Cell Size (mm)


Cell Height (mm)


Tray Size (mm)

540 280



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  • Price US$ 1 / Carton

Packaging & Shipping

  • - Packingcorrugated carton
  • - Delivery Lead Time15 days for 40HQ container
  • - Minimum Order 3 Carton
  • - Supply Ability10 Tons per months
  • - Shipping Career

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